Facebook Kicks Off Boost With Facebook Summer of Support

The six-week program is aimed at getting businesses of all sizes online and thriving

Tan France stars in new Facebook Watch show Boost My Business Facebook
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Facebook kicked off a new initiative to help bring businesses of all types and sizes online, Boost With Facebook Summer of Support.

Vice president of global customer marketing Michelle Klein said in a blog post that the goal is to get millions of people the digital skills and information they need to rebound from the Covid-19 crisis via free on-demand online training, live sessions and conversations on topics including creative reinvention, going from brick-and-mortar to digital and reimagining customer service.

Other topics that will be addressed include building an online presence, getting creative with mobile phones and understanding page insights.

Speakers will include: National Basketball Association Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Magic Johnson, The Profit host Marcus Lemonis, UWG chair and CEO Monique Nelson and O’Shares Investments chairman and Shark Tank personality Kevin O’Leary on tactical tips to help a business succeed; and small business owners Emmie King of Nandy’s Candy and D’Andra and Mikaila Ulmer of Me & the Bees Lemonade on how they have adapted their businesses during the pandemic.


Boost With Facebook Summer of Support lasts six weeks, and each week will feature a different theme (descriptions written by Klein):

  • June 24 through 28, The Changing World: The world is in a state of accelerated change. It’s not just about the pandemic; innovation itself has put us in a permanent state of flux. To thrive as a business, you need to understand how to respond to this new paradigm.
  • June 29 through July 5, Resilience: Sometimes opportunity can look like a setback. The businesses that succeed are the ones that can reframe a setback as a new way forward. Find out how to stay resilient in moments of change and make your downturns work for you.
  • July 6 through 12, Reinvention: That one transformative opportunity might just be out of reach—and you just might have to try a little reinvention to fully grasp it. We’ll show you how remaking your business can help you unlock these new opportunities.
  • July 13 through 19, Reemergence: Once a crisis ends, how do you enter into the new landscape? Successful reemergence into the market means understanding which parts of your business to keep and what needs to evolve.
  • July 20 through 26, Customers and Commerce: If you’re an asset to your customers in times of uncertainty, you stand to gain when the economy picks up again. Learn how to make your business essential through customer-focused processes and smarter commerce.
  • July 27 through 31, Community: Essential businesses help communities stay strong and flourish, whatever their size or composition. Learn how to keep your business a vibrant and important member of your community—however you define “community.”

Facebook also rolled out an online business guide with step-by-step instructions on establishing a digital presence, connecting with customers for free and getting started with advertising.

Finally, fashion designer, TV personality, author and former small business owner Tan France stars in new Facebook Watch show Boost My Business, in which he meets with small business owners from across the country and helps them find creative solutions to challenges such as acquiring new clients, boosting online sales and encouraging website visits.

Klein wrote, “We remain committed to small businesses and will continue to explore new ways to support you. Earlier this year, we announced $100 million in cash grants and ad credits to help businesses through this challenging time, and last week, we committed over $200 million to support Black-owned businesses, Black creators and nonprofits serving the Black community. Boost With Facebook Summer of Support is just one more step we’re taking together on the journey to helping get you back to business.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.