Facebook Launches Keyword Suggestions For Ads

Yesterday I was testing out a few features of the Facebook advertising system and noticed a new feature which suggests related keywords based on the ones you enter. Facebook hasn’t provided any details about how the keyword suggestions system works but it appears to work relatively well. I tested it out with the phrases “Marketing” as well as “Michael Jackson” and Facebook effectively returned associated phrases.

Just last week the company reported that their advertising base has tripled. In an interview with Bloomberg, Tim Kendall stated that “lots of local businesses [are] finding success” with Facebook advertising. While the company typically doesn’t emphasize their focus on small businesses, in a world of long-tail advertising, small businesses play a critical role. The one thing that isn’t know however is whether or not there is a long-tail of profile interests on Facebook.

I did a random entry for “Nigerian Movies” (as long-tail keyword) within the interests section for creating a Facebook ad to see what sort of response I would get. Surprisingly there were approximately 920 people in the United States alone that had entered “Nigerian Movies” as an interest. Nobody in the United States had an interest “Nigerian Books” though. This is an arbitrary keyword though and clearly not the most effective test.

The company has been slowly improving their advertising platform as demand for the ads increase but many resources have been allocated just to scaling as the site continues to experience widespread growth. For now this is only one modification but it will most likely assist in increasing the reach of individual ads as more interests are entered per advertisement. While it may not appear to be a big deal, this feature could help significantly increase revenue as each advertisement ends up with a broader reach.

I’ve included a screenshot of two sample keyword suggestions while creating Facebook ads.

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