Facebook Grows To 122 Million Monthly US Visitors While Twitter Continues Growth As Well

According to analytics company Compete.com, Facebook has posted another month of growth, reaching over 122 million monthly U.S. visitors. Also interesting is that MySpace appears to have attracted more users to their site than at any point in the past 11 months. Twitter also appears to have continued its growth trend, growing to 22 million visitors in the past month just within the United States. Despite the microblogging platform’s continued domestic growth, Facebook growth has not begun to slow, making it the third most popular site in the United States according to Compete.

The data from Compete also suggests that visitors to Facebook Connect enabled sites increased 10 percent to over 71 million visitors. As I’ve previously noted, these statistics are not an accurate representation of the total number of unique users that have logged in using Facebook Connect. One can assume that growth in visitors would correspond to growth in the number of logged-in Facebook Connect users though.

Facebook continues to be the dominant social platform despite the continued competition from two-year-old Twitter. All this data suggests that users on Facebook continue to stick with the site even as the company implements new user interfaces and new methods of communication. Twitter however is clearly an ongoing threat, not as a substitute to Facebook but instead as a competing source of shared data.

If the new method of search relies on shared information among users, Twitter is obtaining a lot of data that Facebook doesn’t currently have access to. With the continued battle between the two companies, MySpace can take the opportunity to refocus and regain its position as a significant contender, something that’s not far-fetched considering their massive user base.

-Facebook/Twitter/MySpace Traffic Chart for June 2009-