Facebook Is Testing Instant Videos That Users Can View Without Draining Their Data

The social network is running 'a small test' on Android

Out of data? - Credit by AntonioGuillem/iStock
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One of the pitfalls of the explosion of mobile video is the drain on viewers’ data plans. Facebook is testing a way around that.

Twitter user Devesh Logendran shared the screenshot below with The Next Web director of social media Matt Navarra of a message on Facebook’s flagship mobile application, which reads, “Watch videos without using your mobile data. Look for videos with a lightning bolt. When you’re on Wi-Fi, we’ll save some videos for you so you can watch them without using mobile data.”

Facebook users with the Instant Videos feature will have videos downloaded and cached to their devices while they are connected via Wi-Fi. Those videos can then be viewed when the users are no longer connected via Wi-Fi without eating into their data allotments.

The social network confirmed it is running “a small test” of Instant Videos on Android.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.