Facebook Is Rolling Out a Facebook Gaming Tab for Some Users

Over 700 million people interact with video-game-related content on the social network each month

The new Facebook Gaming tab Facebook

Facebook revealed that more than 700 million people play games, watch video-game-related videos, or engage with video-game-related groups on the social network each month.

As part of Facebook’s ongoing focus on video-game-related content, it has begun rolling out a Facebook Gaming tab in its flagship mobile application’s main navigation bar for select users.

The Facebook Gaming tab is part of the social network’s personalized shortcuts feature, which causes the app’s navigation bar to update with different tabs based on the major features people interact with most.

In a blog post, vice president of gaming Vijaye Raji said the Facebook Gaming tab will first roll out to a “small subset” of users, and that it will be released to more people in the future. Users will be eligible to receive the tab based on how often they interact with gaming-related content on Facebook on a monthly basis.

When users tap the Gaming tab icon, they’ll see a feed of video-game-related content, including Facebook Instant Games; videos posted by streamers, esports organizations and game publishers; and updates from gaming-related Facebook groups.

The new Facebook Gaming tab

If users don’t receive the Gaming tab in the app’s navigation bar, they can still access it through Facebook’s Bookmarks menu.

Raji said Facebook is continuing to beta-test its standalone Facebook Gaming app for Android devices, which includes more features than the Facebook Gaming tab on the social network itself, adding, “We’re getting feedback from the gaming community as we consider further rollout plans.”