NO! Facebook Is Down!

Yes, if you’ve been trying to access Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that the site is down. So where are users going to discuss the fact that the site is down? Twitter of course! If you do a quick search for “Facebook down” on Twitter, you’ll see hundreds of people mentioning the fact that the site hasn’t been working. Not only has Facebook search been having issues for days but now the main site appears to be down for numerous people (or at the least is having accessibility problems).

Here in D.C. we aren’t able to access the site and other people around the country have confirmed that they aren’t able to access the site either. It came back up for a few minutes and then went down completely again. Between the power being out in parts of Palo Alto and the company having search issues for the past few days, this week is not an easy one for Facebook (or the addicted users).

So what are you going to do in this downtime? Here are 4 things that we suggest you do:

  1. Stand up – You’ve been sitting in front of Facebook for the past 8 hours. Seriously … you’re addicted. Admit defeat and walk away from the computer.
  2. Hug someone – You’ve been neglecting your loved ones in exchange for fake Facebook friends. Real life is seriously much better … try it out!
  3. Head over to Google Buzz – Haven’t heard of Google Buzz? Well it’s Google’s attempt to take on Facebook so why not give them the opportunity to gain your affection. Get on Buzz and figure out a way to waste another hour or two.
  4. Use Facebook on your phone – While the main site may not be working, Facebook is working on many mobile devices (I just tried on my iPhone and it worked).