Facebook Is Bringing More Context About Links in News Feed to More Places

Its features were extended to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland

Context features in Facebook's News Feed Facebook

The article context features Facebook began testing in News Feed last October and officially rolled out in the U.S. in April are being extended to more countries and updated further.

The context button will now be available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

In addition, the age of the website or domain will be shared to give people more information about the source of the content, and the feature will now cover all links, not just articles.

When the social network began testing its context features in October 2017, users who were part of the test group began seeing “i” buttons atop the links for certain articles in their News, and clicking those buttons gave them access to additional context, including:

  • Wikipedia entries for the publishers of those articles.
  • Trending articles or Related Articles on the same topics (Facebook announced in June that it was pulling the plug on its Trending feature).
  • Information about how other Facebook users are sharing those articles.
  • Informing users if any of the information above is unavailable, which may help to provide context, as well.

For the U.S. debut in April, Facebook added:

  • More From This Publisher: Just as the name suggests, a snapshot of other recent stories posted by the publisher.
  • Shared by Friends: Users will see if any of their friends have shared the article.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.