Facebook Introduces Connect Wizard

-Facebook Connect Logo-Want to get Facebook Connect set up within your site quickly but not sure how to? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get this working! Today the company introduced the Facebook Connect wizard which walks users through the process of getting Connect set up. The service helps users get Connect set up in 3 quick steps. The only requirement is that users know how to upload files to their website. There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this blog, you know how to upload files to your website!

The company is also releasing the Facebook Connect playground which lets website owners test out various Facebook Connect code. The main purpose is to make it as easy as possible to implement Facebook Connect. So far the easiest feature I’ve seen is the Fan Box widget which doesn’t even require any form of advanced configuration. However if you’re looking for a more customized experience, Facebook’s new tools that were released today should make things a lot easier for you.

As the number of sites with Facebook Connect enabled expands, the company is in need of simplifying the service as much as possible to maximize their reach. This will help the company accomplish the goal of becoming a leading identity provider and the largest representation of the global social graph. If Facebook Connect is enabled across the web, the company will be able to collect more information about users and each Facebook user’s experience will be improved on other sites for being a Facebook member.

Have you implemented Facebook Connect? Do you think these new services will make it much easier to implement Connect?