Facebook Introduces Batched Requests to Assist Heavy Graph API Usage

Facebook now allows application developers to batch requests so they can more efficiently access the Graph API. Developers can batch up to 20 requests, batch multiple HTTP methods and FQL queries, and can order operations to specify dependencies between them.

The capability should help developers build faster, more efficient apps that can access large amounts of data without putting as much server strain on Facebook.

The Graph API was designed for accessing a single object so previously, developers had to send each Graph API request separately. However, it’s more efficient to batch these requests into a single HTTP request, so Facebook has released the capability to everyone’s benefit.

Facebook has created detailed documentation that walk through several different cases of batched requests. One highlight is the ability for operations reference the results of previous operations in a batch using JSONPath expressions.

Facebook has long been dedicated to using progressive coding techniques both internally, and for its Platform. Some developers are applauding the advance, making batch requests a success in terms of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to improve its standing with the Platform community.