Facebook hires: head of policy, analysts, client partners, engineers, more

Facebook appears to have hired a head of policy, France, and about two dozen other employees according to listings removed from its careers page, as well as LinkedIn updates.

New hires, according to LinkedIn:

  • Aravind Anbudurai, Software Engineer – former Software Development Engineer, IC-1 at Yahoo
  • Edward Ohrns, Sales/Advertising – former Cust Svc II Rep at PSCU
  • Mark Uyeda, Recruiting Coordinator – former Recruiter Compliance Administrator at Facebook
  • Shireesh Asthana, Platform Engineer – former Directed Research Student at Integrated Media System Center
  • Vasiliy Kuznetsov, Product Analyst – former associate at ZS Associates
  • David Stone, Client Partner – former Product Manager at WaytoStay
  • Kasey Sykes, Team Lead, Strategic Client Services – promoted from Account Manager at Facebook
Positions removed from the Facebook Careers page:
  • Head of Policy, France
  • Network Engineer, SW
  •  Data Center Business Operations Manager
  •  Manager, Business Operations
  •  Operations Analyst
  •  Public Policy Manager (Sao Paulo)
  •  HR Specialist – Contract (Austin)
  •  Data Center Business Operations Manager
  •  Datacenter Optimization Engineer
  •  Lead Data Center Technician (Forest City)
  •  Network Engineer, SW
  •  SCO Procurement Coordinator, Site Operations
  •  Sourcing Manager, Data Center Infrastructure Services
  •  Head of CPG/Beverage, Global Vertical Marketing
  •  Platform Developer Marketing Manager
  •  Analyst, Ad Review Operations – Contractor (Austin)
  •  Analyst, Platform Operations (Dublin)
  •  Analyst, Platform Operations (Dublin)
  •  Manager, Platform Operations
  •  Account Manager (Sao Paulo)
  •  Team Lead, Media Solutions, Southern Europe (Dublin)
  •  Operations Analyst
  •  Client Partner, Mobile (Chicago)

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