Facebook hints at upcoming Profile changes

After a spate of recent changes that have curtailed some developers’ Platform enthusiasm, Facebook this weekend hinted at upcoming changes to the Profile box that will make the profile box “simpler, more relevant, and provide users with a greater degree of control.”

While Facebook did not specify what the changes would mean exactly for Platform developers, it’s clear that developers will be affected. Facebook did say that applications that help users communicate more meaningfully, share more meaningful activity, and “increase user trust” will experience greater usage, while those that do not will experience trouble. Additionally, Facebook says it will give applications “more integration points within the profile so your applications fit more seamlessly into the Facebook user experience.”

What this means exactly remains to be seen. Clearly, Facebook is trying to tweak the design of the Platform to better align developer goals with its own.

Developers are hoping to hear some encouraging news. While recent changes have curtailed Platform abuse, they haven’t commensurately rewarded well-behaved applications. Hopefully, this update will allow those building good applications to achieve more success, instead of just adding more limitations.