Facebook Aims to Heal Developer Wounds With Updated Status Bar

This afternoon Facebook threw developers for a loop when the applications link at the top of the site was modified so that only 8 applications would be displayed. May developers started to lash back in the developer forum only to have the noise quelled by Fadebook. This afternoon Facebook sent out an update to the press group notifying them of updated screenshots including the one I’ve displayed below.

The most recent screenshots show an “Applications” link within the status bar and no longer in the header. Additionally, there appears to be 6 application shortcuts, which we are assuming to be the user’s top 6 applications bookmarks. This should definitely reduce some of the complaints from developers but it will most definitely not completely heal all the wounds.

Developers have been taken on a roller coaster of a ride as Facebook has continuously adjusted the roll-out timeframe for the new facebook design. This has placed many developers on edge as they continue to return to broken applications and site features that reduce application virality. This has made the platform a challenging environment to work in for many.

For those applications that remain atop the leader board, things are a little more relaxed but still stressful. Just because some companies have more resources than others doesn’t mean that the environment is any better. For now, Facebook developers have been placed on standby while Facebook makes last minute changes as the new site design is rolled out worldwide.

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