Yes, Facebook Is On The Fritz Today

Facebook is showing users error messages this morning -- we are updating this post as we learn more about the situation.

Facebook appears to be having some minor technical difficulties this morning, showing users error messages. Most of them say “database error” or “service unavailable,” and ask people to “please try again later.”

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed via email, “Yes, some people may have experienced some slowness or connection issues when using the site this morning. Those issues should be resolved shortly.”

These issues showed up for me in the form of the screenshot at the top of this article here — the error popup appeared after I attempted to post story links to my Facebook profile and the official page for AllFacebook.

The technical difficulties appear to be sitewide, as people from around the globe have all reported seeing the error messages. However, these glitches occur intermittently, and not every single time users hit any of the site’s blue buttons.

Some users have told us they started seeing the error messages last night, but that could be a matter of global time differences. We’ve yet to pinpoint the exact time when the errors started occurring, but we plan to update this post as we learn more.

Readers, have you seen any error messages and if so, where on the site and in what context?