Facebook Has Problems With Latest Release

Facebook released a new version of their site code in the past few days and it has been causing some problems. A number of people contacted me regarding issues they were having. One person in particular had problems with CSS files not being accessed properly and as a result pages were breaking. Another person contacted me to alert me to cross-site-scripting vulnerabilities in the current version of their code.

While I don’t know all the details behind cross-site-scripting vulnerabilities, I do know that it tends to be a popular method for hackers trying to maliciously access websites. As of yet I’m not sure if the vulnerability has been resolved but the new version clearly has some issues. These types of issues have frequently arisen previously and Facebook has typically been quick to respond. This is just part of running a large site.

It would be great if Facebook gave a more thorough browser test as well as security test on their staging server. Then again, when your site is being accessed by millions of users on a daily basis, something is bound to go wrong that you couldn’t have even tested for. Have you been having problems over the past few days with accessing Facebook? 0