Moradian Asks Facebookers: Harvard Or Startups?

Mike Moradian is asking Facebook users whether he should go to Harvard Business School or focus on his startups, and in doing so he's garnering more attention for his companies.

Mike Moradian turned to Facebook to help solve a quandary: Should he get an MBA education from Harvard Business School? Or, should he focus on running his startups, and

He posted a question application on his professional page asking friends whether he should accept an admission to Harvard or instead continue to work on his startups.

In order to vote, you have to first like his page and then enable either or — the former if you vote for business school and the latter if you choose the startups — to access your Facebook profile information.

As of this writing, 11,272 people voted in favor of business school and 10,193 feel he should focus on the startups.

Plus, 91 people posted comments elaborating on their answers, including suggestions that he defer admission.

Interestingly, 8,419 people like his page, which seems at odds with the fact that you’re supposed to click the thumbs-up before you can vote.

Regardless of this glitch, Moradian’s startups have gotten a lot more attention from the crowdsourcing exercise.

Moradian’s, launched on August 1 of this year, revolutionizes a student’s college life by helping save money on purchases. Already in the public eye for more than a minute, Moradian was was ranked America’s Best Young Entrepreneur in 2010 by Bloomberg Businessweek.

The young entrepreneur also founded the site which is a social platform for accessing grade records and professor reviews; it has more than 1.5 million users and its revenue has grown four-fold since last year.

Moradian explains his off-kilter approach in a press release:

I’m willing to walk away from what could be a once in a lifetime educational opportunity, but only if I feel that other people share my vision for CollegeBudget and see the value in what we can do for college students. The choice is yours America, choose wisely.

So readers, what should Moradian do?

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