Facebook Scammers Now Trying To Convert Groups Into Cash

Facebook scammers are getting pretty darn clever. The latest scam we’ve been sent is a false group which gets users to invite their friends and then complete offers before being awarded with a free pair of UGGs. What type of offers are being displayed? None other than the “high quality” IQ quizzes that we’ve covered extensively over the past year. There are currently two UGG boot giveaway groups and I can only imagine that there are numerous others just like them.

We recently covered the increasing volume of scam Facebook groups and it appears that the scams have now turned into revenue generators for some of the group administrators. One group, “UGG boots giveaway“, has attracted over 140,000 members in an effort to convince them that they will get free boots after completing various offers.

All these offers are currently being run through the site CPALead.com, however there isn’t necessarily a connection between the group owner and the offers provider. The greater issue here is that scammers are abusing the Facebook invite tool within groups and Facebook Pages since there are currently no limitations. This was an issue which Facebook applications previously experienced resulting in an eventual clamp down by Facebook.

While Facebook will most definitely shut down these groups in a short amount of time, I have a strong feeling that this isn’t the last notification we get of group administrators abusing the invite system. While this group may not have lasted more than a day, it has the potential to generate upwards of $100,000 if visitors to the site actually converted on any of the offers presented to them.