Facebook Group Limits, Do You Agree?

As you probably already know, Facebook has some limits set on groups within Facebook. Baratunde Thurston has covered the issues that he ran into. The last company that I was working at used Facebook groups as a way to keep in touch with their members that had profiles on Facebook. This is a great tool for generating leads as well as organizing events, but if you try to surpass 1000 (or 550 in Baratunde’s case), you are going to run up against a wall.

Suddenly you are blocked from messaging your group. Doesn’t this make the group practically useless at this point? One purpose of the group is a sign of affiliation. The other purpose is to message those that have opted-in to receive messages. The main reason for the shut down of Facebook messaging was the Brody Ruckus incident that took place late last year.

Since then, Facebook has remained one of the best sites for maintaining connections with others but it has not been useful for generating groups. I have a feeling that this problem will be resolved when Facebook opens up their API to include groups. At that point someone will develop the “Opt-in Groups” application that enables users to enter their email address and receive messages from admins. Is this really the best option though? Do you think Facebook should ban messaging for groups with over 1000 users?