Facebook Remains Among Fastest Growing Search Terms For Second Year

-Google Zeitgeist 2009 Logo-Yesterday Google released their annual Zeitgeist, a measure of the fastest growing search terms on the web for the year. Once again, Facebook was one of the fastest growing search terms for the year. The keyword “Facebook” was the second largest keyword globally, coming right behind “Michael Jackson” who was the most popular search this year for obvious reasons.

Last year we wrote that Facebook was the second most popular search term in the U.S. This year the company has truly expanded to become a global phenomenon. At the time of our post last year, Facebook had over 130 million users. Only one year later the company has almost three times that number. As of now there doesn’t appear to be any slowing in the site’s growth. With all competition now in the rear view mirror, Facebook can truly focus their attention on going after Google.

The only question now is whether or not Facebook can continue with their breakneck growth through next year to remain atop the annual Google Zeitgeist.

-Google Trends Facebook Growth Screenshot-