Facebook Gets Deeper into Real-Times News with “News” List Push

Facebook has just announced a new push to get people reading news on the site — a detailed blog post, including the suggestion that users create “News” lists on their homepages, showing the latest news items from the publication Pages that users are fans of.

This isn’t a new feature, just a good suggestion for how to use lists to track information you care about. From the post:

You can even create a “News” list to filter news-oriented Pages into one view on your News Feed. Simply add relevant Pages to the list, just as you would with a friends list. The next time you sign on to Facebook, you can click the “News” filter to see stories from all of the news outlets of which you’ve become a fan.

This is another way that Facebook is trying to make itself a more central part of people’s lives. The list is acting as a sort of aggregated social RSS feed reader, but it makes the process simpler for users who don’t understand RSS — just fan a page and check this list from time to time.

The move will probably get more publications updating their Pages, too, thereby making the service even more valuable to users.