Facebook Gets A New CFO

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook has just hired a new chief financial officer. Gideon Yu, the prior CFO at YouTube has now found employment at Silicon Valley’s most popular startup. It would be great to be Gideon Yu. He may be getting another great payout once Facebook files for their IPO in a couple years. Facebook has been extremely successful at acquiring top talent from Google, a similar situation that Google experienced with Microsoft prior to their IPO. It is also a little interesting that he has been successfully recruited to work at Facebook after turning down prior offers from Sequoia capital. Whatever the rationale for joining, Facebook will most definitely have a record exit for any Silicon Valley startup in the past decade given their increasingly powerful team of employees. In the past month, Facebook also hired a new vice president of product marketing. One other interesting piece of this story is the person being replaced, Mike Sheridan, was only recently hired. There must have been some internal conflicts that we are unaware of.