Facebook Game Developer SGN Raises $15 Million Series A

Leading Facebook game developer and game network SGN announced its Series A financing this morning. The company has closed a $15 million round from Greylock Partners, Founders Fund, Columbia Capital and Novak Biddle Venture Partners. This huge round comes as the company is fiercely battling also-well-funded Zynga and recently-funded Serious Business for early leadership in the “social gaming” market.

The funding gives SGN some very close connections to Facebook. David Sze, the partner at Greylock who made the SGN investment, also invested in Facebook and is a Facebook board observer. Founders Fund‘s Peter Thiel was an early investor in Facebook and also currently occupies one of three board seats along with Accel‘s Jim Breyer and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The move also marks Founders Fund’s second bet in the social gaming space (and Peter Thiel’s third). Founders Fund has also reportedly invested in Facebook game developer Alamofire, makers of the popular game PackRat. Thiel is also an investor in Zynga.

Those interested in tracking the social gaming space more closely can check out our sister blog, Inside Social Games.

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