Facebook Prepares To Launch FriendFeed "Like" Feature

-Facebook Like Feature Image-Last week we published a video that Facebook had posted describing how to publish feed stories with Facebook Connect. Today one of our readers, Amin Issa, posted an interesting observation from the video: the addition of the word “Like” which was hyperlinked. This is appears to be a duplicate of FriendFeed’s popular “like” feature.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see the feature in action but my guess is that this was the site’s beta version. It’s interesting to see Facebook duplicating some of the features provided by FriendFeed as they strive to continue working toward becoming the largest site for sharing information. While you can’t currently share all of your information via FriendFeed, you’ll soon potentially be able to share more information via Facebook if Facebook Connect can obtain a large enough reach.

I previously wrote that Facebook could kill Twitter. Despite most people disagreeing with that argument, Facebook could most definitely duplicate many, if not all of the features currently provided by FriendFeed in a short amount of time. Many influential users of FriendFeed have also been critical of it as of late.

Facebook still has the 5,000 friend limit which would prevent top FriendFeed users from leaving the site anytime soon. Conversely Facebook could theoretically release a “feed only” type of relationship which would make it possible for non-friends to follow the activities of users. I doubt that will be happening anytime soon though. We’re not sure when Facebook will release the “Like” feature but it’s pretty clear that it’s something they are preparing to launch.

-Facebook Newsfeed Like Screenshot-