Facebook Removes Ability To Browse Friends By Region (Updated)

Want to view which of your friends are located in Washington, D.C. or another city? Too bad because it appears as though Facebook has removed that feature. While the company previously announced that they’d remove regional network privacy settings, it wasn’t clear that they were eliminating the ability to browse by region. In a guide that I previously wrote about Facebook friend lists, I explained how useful the ability to browse by network was.

With over 4,000 friends, finding people in given regions has now become impossible. So is Facebook removing regional features all together? Not necessarily. According to a recent email sent to me, Facebook has been testing out regional feed filters (as pictured in the image to the right). Having the ability to find friends based on their network was extremely useful when traveling. Prior to going somewhere, I often look at my friends in that area to see who I should get in touch with.

I’m currently reaching out to Facebook to see if they have in fact permanently removed the ability to find friends by region. If so, this has to be one of the worst ideas ever. I’ll update this post shortly with more information as we get it. Thanks to Julie Minevich for the tip!

Facebook has referenced their June announcement about the removal of regional networks. At the time I hadn’t realized that regional networks would be gone for sorting through users as well. Seems kind of strange.

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