Facebook for Business re-launches as a one-stop shop for advertisers

Over the past few months, Facebook has worked to make advertising simpler and more accessible. The company announced Thursday that it now has a place for advertisers — the revamped Facebook for Business page — to learn more about Facebook’s ad units and read more about how similar companies have achieved success.

Facebook for Business has been re-launched, making it easier for advertisers to discover how to achieve goals through Facebook, whether it’s to drive in-store sales, launch a new product or simply build awareness of the app. The page details the best practices for achieving these goals and offers instructions and help for businesses of all sizes.

Christina McBride, Facebook’s Manager of Global Marketing Communications, spoke with Inside Facebook about how the new Facebook for Business hub can help:

We’re really putting the focus on, “How can we help businesses achieve their goals?” Say you’re looking to drive online sales. You can come to this site and quickly get an idea of the basic steps you would need to take to achieve that goal. You can also take a look at businesses that have similar goals and are trying to drive that same objective, and take a look at what other people have done. In the news section, you’ll be able to see things that are tagged with that goal, or products you are using, like Offers, and you can get the latest from Facebook and quickly see updates that are relevant to you and what you’re trying to achieve.

The site has tailored help for businesses large, small and everything in between, as well as popular verticals such as automotive, gaming and consumer goods. Advertisers can read success stories from major brands such as Bud Light and Michael Kors, or smaller companies, like Sweet Cheeks Diaper Company and Steve Holmes Photography.

McBride noted that this site will help newer advertisers learn more about what Facebook has to offer, but it will also encourage companies that have been advertising with Facebook to discover other ad models within the site.

Through the news section, all business-relevant Facebook announcements are posted, and users can drill down to see see only the posts they care about, such as those relevant to small businesses or only posts about product launches.

Readers: What do you think of the Facebook for Business page?

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