Facebook for Android App Catches Everyone Else Up to the Droid Version (I think?)

The confusion (perhaps due to being a relative Android newbie) I ran into after reading this item in TechCrunch…

Facebook For Android Just Got A Big Upgrade, Is Catching Up To Its iPhone Cousin

…may be a sign of things to come if the Android market fragments further (assuming Google doesn’t bring all back in house with the Nexus One). I have had the Facebook app on my Droid since day 1. But, the Android Market didn’t show an update available for it. So, I uninstalled what I had and downloaded and installed Facebook 1.12 on the Droid. However, it didn’t look any different from the app that had been on it for over a month. So, I was confused.

Later in the day TechCrunch updated their blog noting: Apparently some of these features have been available in the Droid for a while now and now every other phone is getting the update, though I vividly remember getting kicked out to the browser in the version on my Droid.

TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid notes that the updated app is not kicking him to the browser for some Facebook functions. But, unless I’m still running and old version, I’m still getting kicked out of the app and to the Droid’s browser for selecting the profile option in the Facebook app. It would be nice if version numbers were used when discussing updates.

If you are using an Android phone other than the Droid, you apparently will see signifcant changes in this Facebook app update. Me? I don’t see anything new on the Droid. Of course, I rarely used the app. So, I could be mistaken.