Facebook Launches CPC Ads

One of the most criticized ads on Facebook have been their flyer ads. There have been complaints of horrendous click through rates. Complain no more! Facebook has started a new, auction-based, cost-per-click model for the new Flyers. The new “Flyers Pro” offering enables advertisers to state the maximum price that they are willing to pay for each click. The ads can be targeted by keywords, sex, age, location, political views, relationship status, education status and workplace.

Does this sound familiar? It is a duplicate of Google’s AdWords platform except that they provide an additional 6 factors to target by. While I have been predicting a new ad network that Facebook would launch for platform applications, I hadn’t seen this coming. This new model is awesome and one that I will surely test out myself. Is this the ad network that was rumored in the Wall Street Journal less than a month ago? Potentially.

One thing is for certain, Facebook is focused on making advertisers happy. This will significantly reduce the cost of advertising via flyers if previous ads were receiving a measly 0.04% click through rate as I mentioned back in July. I have a feeling that this may be the testing ground for the larger advertising network that they plan on launching in the coming months. I’ve included a screenshot of the new Flyers Pro submission form below. Also, if you are an advertiser, go check out the new Flyers Pro.

Flyers pro screenshot