Castleville Explodes As Facebook's Fastest Growing App

Zynga's newest game has already set a record in its first week, growing faster than any other application has during its first week on Facebook.

Zynga’s newest game has already set a record in its first week, growing faster than any other application has during its first week on Facebook.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. CastleVille2,700,0003,300,0003,298,000
2. Yahoo!830,0007,900,0001,700,000
3. 21 Questions830,0009,900,0001,000,000
4. Skype2,200,0009,300,000900,000
5. Static Iframe Tab1,000,00026,100,000800,000
6. Bubble Witch Saga2,700,0008,000,000600,000
7. Static HTML: iframe tabs3,300,00072,800,000600,000
8. TabPress Custom iFrame Tabs100,0003,000,000600,000
9. Washington Post Social Reader320,0002,600,000600,000
10. Between You and Me300,0003,500,000500,000
11. Scribd530,00014,000,000500,000
12. Spotify2,900,0008,300,000500,000
13. Mis Fotos450,0003,100,000400,000
14. ShareAndTell.com80,0002,000,000400,000
15. Tetris Battle2,300,0007,000,000400,000
16. The Pokerist club – Texas Poker170,0001,500,000400,000
17. Profile Banner (all languages)400,000540,000390,000
18. FarmVille7,000,00030,700,000300,000
19. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab410,00010,200,000300,000
20. Profile Banner500,0005,600,000300,000


Zynga has had a tremendous week: CastleVille, but the developer’s newest game has already set a record for having the fastest growing debut week on Facebook, attracting almost 3.3 million players.

Meanwhile, the company’s steadfast favorite, FarmVille, falls six spots to finish this week in 18th after only increasing by 300,000 players.

Rallying an eight spot advancement over last week, Bubble Witch Saga lands in sixth with 600,000 new gamers this week. Making its return as a growing app, a re-imagining of the classic Tetris video game successfully claims the 15th position;, adding 400,000 players this week.

One more comeback to mention within the gaming trend, The Pokerist club – Texas Poker proves that free is always better as chip giveaways aid in a 400,000 gain, for a 16th place finish.


The new additions to Yahoo‘s connectivity with Facebook proves to have a positive impact on countdown rankings. Second place is a strong finish for the search engine, and 1,700,000 more social networkers are synching their accounts.

Skype comes in fourth, with 900,000 additions. Washington Post Social Reader advances to ninth place, with 600,000 new readers.

Scribd declines five places to finish in 11th, with 500,000 additions. Spotify comes in 12th, with a 500,000 increase. finishes in 14th, picking up 400,000 new users.


A trend that returned last week is picking up steam: Advancing five positions to finish in third place, 21 Questions collects 1,100,000 new users. Between You and Me returns to the list this week in 10th place, with 600,000 additions.

Page Creation

Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab comes in fifth, with 800,000 built and user views. Last week’s fastest growing app, Static HTML: iframe tabs falls to eighth, with 600,000 new users.

TabPress Custom iFrame Tabs finishes in ninth, with about 600,000 adds. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab is 19th, with 300,000 new users.


Mis Fotos is found three steps ahead of where it was last week, finishing in 13th, as 500,000 social networkers head towards the Turbulence-developed application.

Two applications on the list let you reorganizing photo layouts on profiles. The Profile Banner (all languages) comes in 17th with 390,000 Facebookers adding the app. Profile Banner finishes in 20th, after gaining 300,000 new users this week.

Readers, did you find yourself using any of the week’s fastest growing competitors?