Facebook Exchange expands with IgnitionOne and growth outside U.S.

Marketing technology company IgnitionOne has added support for the Facebook Exchange in its Digital Marketing Suite this week, in time to take advantage of new access to audiences outside the U.S.

The Facebook Exchange allows approved third-party platforms to place retargeting ads on Facebook after users visit external websites marked with cookies.

AdExchanger reports that FBX is now open in the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. A Facebook spokesperson told AdExchanger, “The initial beta was U.S. only. As we scale we’re now actively in the market in EMEA, doing training and education sessions with agency trading desks and DSPs. We are seeing strong initial results out of the EU… Early doors are opening in APAC as well.”

[Update: Christina Park from Triggit  points out that some partners have had the ability to target users internationally on FBX for weeks, so international expansion is not exactly new, though this week was the first time Facebook spoke about this publicly.]

IgnitionOne, which has offices in the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America, announced Wednesday that it would begin offering real-time bidding on the Facebook Exchange. The company is already a Preferred Marketing Developer with an ads badge, making it one of the few PMDs to also offer FBX buying.

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