Facebook events get cover photos

Facebook event pages now have the option for admins to add custom cover photos. These banner photos replace the small thumbnail photos that event pages had previously.

The change, which was first written about by AllFacebook, brings the design of event pages more in line with business pages, profiles and groups. It also gives event promoters more options for getting people interested in their events through an eye-catching photo or an image that shares more information about the event.

Cover photos are available for events created by individuals or by pages. When a user creates an event, they will see a blank space above their event with a button to add a photo. They can upload a new photo or select one they’ve previously posted to the social network. They can move an image up or down to reposition it, but they can not adjust the size through Facebook.

Unlike personal profiles and fan pages, events only have the option for one large photo, not a cover photo and a profile picture. The cover photo will be scaled down to thumbnail size when the event appears in News Feed, on Timeline or in ads.

It is unclear whether these images will have to adhere to Facebook’s page guidelines, which dictate that covers may not include more than 20 percent text, price or purchase information, contact information, references to Facebook features or calls to action. We’ve reached out to Facebook for more information.

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