Facebook Ensures You'll Never Forget Birthdays Again

Frankly, I’m wondering why Facebook took this long to implement this feature or service. Friendster has a birthday reminder for a long time now, where it sends you Birthday reminders of your friends through email alerts. And I must admit that I found Friendster’s birthday reminder alerts pretty useful in ensuring that I get to meet my friends on time which they found rather amusing sometimes since they don’t expect me to remember their birthdays. Anyway Facebook has the feature now and you just need to do a little tweaking on your Facebook account to have it activated.

Whereas previously to make its birthday reminder feature a little bit of more fun by providing different ways by which you can greet your friends on their birhtdays. You can either send a Wall post, greetings sent through the various Facebook applications including Birthday Cards, Birthday Calendar and Birthday Greeting Cards. Or if you don’t feel like using those Facebook applications, you can always pick up the phone and call your friends to greet them on their special day.

To help you keep track of your friends’ birthdays, you can and to play catch up with Friendster and other social network with similar features, Facebook is rolling out the birthday email notification that would remind you of your Facebook’s friends’ birthdays. This is an opt-in feature which once you decide to setup will enable you to receive email on the weekend before the week where your Facebook friends’ birthdays will be happening. That ensures that you’ve got plenty of time to prepare for their birthdays.

To enable this feature on your Facebook account, simply go to the Account notifications page and do the following:

  1. Under the “Facebook” section, click “Show More”
  2. Turn on “Has a birthday coming up”

And presto! Just wait for the email notification reminding you who among your Facebook friends are celebrating their birthdays this week.