Facebook's Most Engaging: Jesus Daily, Mario Teguh

While Jesus Daily and Mario Teguh continue to dominate our weekly engagement ranking, Facebook's official page shows up in the list as users of the site post questions about the changed layout.

While Jesus Daily and Mario Teguh continue to dominate our weekly engagement ranking, Facebook’s official page shows up in the list as users of the site post questions about the changed layout.

The Most Engaging Pages On Facebook

1. Jesus Daily8,722,1283,771,785
2. Mario Teguh4,823,7851,538,073
3. Justin Bieber36,324,6931,313,746
4. The Bible8,202,6601,242,362
5. Lil Wayne31,600,6221,139,686
6. Real Madrid C.F.19,997,3351,098,302
7. Dios Es Bueno!4,300,513876,694
8. Leo Messi25,335,950717,874
9. Manchester United19,606,565716,663
10. FC Barcelona20,872,365690,999
11. Jesus Christ3,074,514660,908
12. Facebook53,356,960640,949
13. Barack Obama23,332,403636,475
14. ILoveAllaah.com6,464,609609,285
15. MTV Roadies3,121,133526,853
16. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,557,578496,801
17. “I’m Proud To Be Christian” by Aaron Chavez2,986,979485,810
18. quedate otro ratito 🙂3,009,237461,686
19. Nirvana12,850,216451,477
20. Linkin Park35,060,051412,434


Although it had a slower week in comparison to the previous, Jesus Daily is entering its sixth month on top. Beginning October, the front-runner blows away the competition by tallying 3,771,785 interactions.

Lacking in the engagement total that once made it a regular in the second position, The Bible is now found settling for fourth with 1,242,362 commenters.

A similar story occurs for Dios Es Bueno which is found in seventh, a small decline from the previous standing in sixth. The organization witnesses 876,694 posts and likes.

Although 660,908 interactions is a noteworthy improvement for this main page dedicated to Jesus Christ, the page is stilled forced backwards and kicks off the second half of our countdown.

While receiving a steady number of responses to its regular posts throughout the day, ILoveAllaah.com still cannot manage to hold on to its highest ranking appearance last Monday. The page slips five places to 14th calculating 609,285 interactions.

Joyce Meyer Ministries advances to 15th; 496,801 likers aid in its progressive ranking. The story seems to be the most simple updates evoke the liveliest conversation for “I’m Proud To Be Christian” by Aaron Chavez. The blog returns by amassing 485,810 interactions.


Motivational speaker Mario Teguh again extends his hold of second place, engaging 1,538,073 Facebookers.

Being propelled forward by fan-led discussions, Quedate Otro Ratito sees a 461,686 return that places it in 18th.

India’s “MTV Roadies” seems to be finally be losing ground after maintaining extended noteworthy results. The television show has one of its lowest appearances in 15th with 526,853 contributions made to the conversation.


His Christmas album now has a release date, and the news contributes to Justin Bieber garnering a 1,313,746 engagement total, putting him in third place. Lil Wayne‘s birthday seems to be a prominent reasoning behind the rapper’s highest placing on the countdown yet; 1,139,686 chatterers land the page the fifth spot.

A few anniversary rereleases last Tuesday have 451,477 diehard Nirvana fans conversing on the band’s social networking home – a 19th place return.

Soundtracks and fundraisers are specific topics of focus found on Linkin Park‘s Facebook hub. The band returns in the final position collecting 412,434 interactions.


Leading the pack of European football teams, Real Madrid C.F. starts us off with a strong six place 1,098,302 finish. Losing ground offensively, Manchester United‘s 716,663 interaction total leaves it struggling in ninth place.

Facebook users are watching FC Barcelona closely. Injury updates, team news, and picture posts unfortunately cannot help the page as it slips to tenth with 690,999 responders. Approaching a new goal record on the field gives Leo Messi a noisy finish; 717,874 partakers in the discussion helps the page to return in eighth place.

The Social Network

With all the recent layout changes, many people are posting questions and comments on Facebook’s official page, for a 12th position enticing 640,949 posters.


Fans and supporters of President Barack Obama can’t wait to find out who will win the opportunity to have dinner with him. The conversation continues and picks up an additional 636,475 participants – a 13th place finish.

Readers, did you find yourself contributing to any of the conversations on this week’s most engaging pages?

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