Facebook's Most Engaging Pages Are Religious

Religion continues its prevalent influence over the rankings -- including Dios Es Bueno's rebound to econd -- and the trend is likely to only increase with the coming holidays.

Religion continues its prevalent influence over the rankings — including Dios Es Bueno’s rebound to econd — and the trend is likely to only increase with the coming holidays.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily10,600,3445,252,593
2. Dios Es Bueno!4,829,4202,474,543
3. Mario Teguh5,207,5161,887,950
4. Real Madrid C.F.22,296,5331,410,705
5. The Bible8,395,1181,235,108
6. FC Barcelona23,535,0881,169,861
7. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,725,6721,099,955
8. Justin Bieber38,242,6991,044,676
9. Terima Kasih Ibu2,880,634781,279
10. ILoveAllaah.com6,641,436736,204
11. Manchester United20,773,814627,816
12. Jesus Christ3,307,611593,360
13. MTV Roadies3,383,497549,874
14. Renuevo de Plenitud2,666,203543,503
15. Texas Hold’em Poker54,052,299542,665
16. Vin Diesel54,052,299542,665
17. Luciano Huck4,464,613459,227
18. Amr Khaled3,589,418438,712
19. Kevin Hart4,191,448405,195
20. Galatasaray6,260,714384,865


With even more interactions than it had last week, Jesus Daily has over 5.2 million likes and comments. In second, Dios Es Bueno sees a huge 2.4 million interactivity total – equating to over half of the page’s fans participating in the discussion.

Found one place behind its previous ranking, The Bible is in fifth place with over 1.2 million interactions. Though found in a decreasing seventh position setting, Joyce Meyer Ministries‘ fan base continues to buzz; nearly 1.1 million likes and comments impact the final tally.

ILoveAllaah.com lands in tenth place with 736,204 likes and comments. Jesus Christ moves forward to 12th, collecting 593,360 interactions. Renuevo de Plenitud manages a six place progression with a 543,503 engagement total, for a 14th place ranking.


Conversation slows from fans of Mario Teguh; the page slips to third after a declining 1.8 million likes and comments. Following a similar pattern, Terima Kasih Ibu moves back one step to ninth after 781,279 interactions this week.

Anticipation for the upcoming season typically plays a positive involvement in the placements for India’s “MTV Roadies,” but 549,874 interactions actually leads to a diminishing finish this time for the television show now found in the 13th position.

Just one place behind, Luciano Huck ranks as an engaging page for a second time after a long absence – 459,227 interactions ends the week. Egypt’s Amr Khaled continues to post his active messages and appears in 18th after 438,712 likes and comments.


Real Madrid C.F‘s social media presence largely focuses on picture updates, and live game posts during matches. The team leads the pack in the trend once again and steamrolls to fourth engaging an audience of 1.4 million users.

Fans show support for FC Barcelona leading to this past week’s tournament, and the club finishes in sixth with almost 1.7 million interactions. Showing slight signs of improvement, Manchester United climbs one position forward to 11th enticing 627,816 likes and comments.

Though continuing in successful victories on the field, Galatasaray struggles to maintain engagement. The team holds on in the final spot ending with 384,865 interactions.

Music And Movies

It appears fans are growing tired of the holiday cheer found on Justin Bieber‘s Facebook home promoting his seasonal release; over one million interactions put the pop star in eighth place.

With yet another Fast and Furious filming beginning production in the new year, Vin Diesel makes a rare appearance in 16th after seeing 542,665 likes and comments.

Upcoming shows and humorous posts are partial reasons for comedian Kevin Hart‘s return, and 405,195 interactions places the joke teller in the 19th spot.


We close with Zynga’s Texas Hold’Em Poker which remains in 15th after enticing a 542,665 engagement total.

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