Facebook's Most Engaging Pages: Religion And Soccer

Jesus Daily leads our list of the most engaging Facebook pages, followed by motivational speaker Mario Teguh and a host of non-U.S. pages, including ones for soccer and religion.

Jesus Daily leads our list of the most engaging Facebook pages, followed by motivational speaker Mario Teguh and a host of non-U.S. pages, including ones for soccer and religion.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily10,555,8655,129,259
2. Mario Teguh5,178,4642,558,548
3. Dios Es Bueno!4,790,5231,559,567
4. The Bible8,388,4691,212,668
5. Justin Bieber38,144,955978,870
6. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,712,360942,622
7. Real Madrid C.F.22,103,110858,582
8. TERIMA KASIH IBU2,878,679693,075
9. ILoveAllaah.com6,632,443656,243
10. SC Corinthians Paulista1,563,299590,950
11. MTV Roadies3,368,256564,966
12. Manchester United20,670,877545,864
13. Jesus Christ3,294,868542,061
14. Galatasaray6,242,923483,136
15. Texas Hold’em Poker53,821,970456,763
16. Club Atlético Boca Juniors 2,744,226441,754
17. Metallica22,030,022417,023
18. FC Barcelona23,250,443382,844
19. Korea.com1,902,441366,447
20. Renuevo de Plenitud2,639,628364,528


Holding a massive lead over the countdown, Jesus Daily is in first yet again after engaging an audience of more than 5.1 million social networkers. Dios Es Bueno‘s smaller 1.5 million interaction total ousts it from the second spot and places it in third.

Two pages continuing to host constant conversation end with repeat fourth and sixth position rankings, respectively. The first — this main hub dedicated to The Bible — holds steady with 1,212,668 participants adding to the conversation. Just two places behind, Joyce Meyer Ministries entices 942,622 responses.

ILoveAllaah.com has another consistent ninth place finish tallying 656,243 posts. This main Facebook home discussing Jesus Christ ends in 13th collecting 542,061 “likes” and comments.

Renuevo de Plenitud cannot hang onto its success; 364,528 interactions leaves the page slipping six positions on the countdown to 20th.


Advancing to occupy the second position, Mario Teguh motivates an audience of 2.5 million talkative likers. Also in Indonesia, Terima Kasih Ibu manages a vast seven day improvement; 693,075 interactions push the page forward to eighth.

Still posting video clips and other interactive updates, “MTV Roadies” continues its engagement efforts, and a 564,966 interactivity total kicks off the second half of the rankings.

Making a second appearance on the list this week in 19th place, Korea.com‘s social networking presence boasts 366,447 likers.


Continuing with the holiday talk promoting his latest release, Justin Bieber stays in fifth engaging a slightly smaller audience of 978,870 Facebook users.

Metallica‘s 30th anniversary is the main cause for their appearances and mixed results within the countdown; 417,023 interactions place the page in 18th.


A birthday on the team and regular picture updates appear as partial instigators that help spark a second consistent week in seventh for Real Madrid C.F; 858,582 likes and comments are the final tally.

SC Corinthians Paulista is a new addition to the list. The page follows a similar social media focus comparable to the other teams featured and makes the cut after gaining 590,950 interactions — a 10th place appearance. Just two places behind, Manchester United sees a two place decrease after ending with a 545,864 interaction total.

A less familiar name to the countdown, Turkish soccer team Galatasaray, ends with the week with 483,136 likes and comments in 14th place. Making a second appearance, the younger up-and-comers in Club Atlético Boca Juniors persuade 441,754 interactions in 16th and return as a fastest growing competitor.

Recent victories help FC Barcelona garner a 382,844 comeback total in the 18th spot.


Players continue to respond to Zynga’s giveaway offer for Texas Hold’em Poker, and this week456,763 interactions help move the page up to 15th place.

Readers, did you find yourself joining any conversations on the week’s most engaging pages?

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