Facebook Employees Flock To Google Plus

Google Plus, which has high aspirations of kicking Facebook's butt, has quite a few of its competitor's employees using the platform.

Google Plus, which has high aspirations of kicking Facebook’s butt, has quite a few of its competitor’s employees using the platform.

Since hitting the social networking scene last month, Google Plus’ game plan was take aim at Facebook’s 750 million users and win them over, and it seems well on the way to doing so, with 10 million users amassed after two weeks. The search engine’s social site bears quite a striking resemblance to Facebook, gathered many of its features from other existing social media networks as well.

Naysayers are proclaiming however, that there is nothing in Google Plus that doesn’t already exist at another social media site. Google Plus powers-that-be are still trying to keep hope alive, that social network site users will want to, at some point, move their circle of friends into one central location.

It will be interesting to see over time which social network succeeds and which one fails. Perhaps with the addition of a surprisingly healthy number of Facebook employees, the newly established social site rival could in fact, reach their numbers goals after all.

Obviously, these Facebook employees are probably using Google Plus to do competitive research, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see how many staffers are sizing up the competition. Check out the list below:

Executive Team





Partner and Developer Relations



Advertising and Marketing

Readers, have you spotted any other Facebook employees on Google Plus not mentioned here? What do you think of how it compares with Facebook?