Facebook: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun of MySpace

We already knew that Facebook was larger than MySpace globally, but according to new comScore numbers published by Techcrunch, Facebook is now double the size of MySpace. MySpace doesn’t seem to mind though. Quotes provided to both Techcrunch and CNet emphasize the company’s focus on monetization over growth. Facebook in contrast is infamous for their continued focus on growth despite a breakthrough revenue model.

Facebook’s traffic doesn’t appear to be slowing and within a matter of days, the company should surpass 160 million registered users. The rapid growth has been creating some serious issues for Facebook with an increase in downtime for many users and decreased reliability. Over the past few days the reliability has appeared to increase though following a tough week.

So what’s ahead for Facebook? If growth continues, Facebook should surpass 300 million users this year and also surpass MySpace in domestic traffic for the first time ever. The company may also end up developing a more robust revenue model at some point this year although there are no signs to suggest that the company will launch the previously anticipated payment platform.

For now Facebook’s attention to growth is paying off but eventually the company’s attention will have to turn elsewhere. We already listed 20 ways Facebook can make billions. There are also many other ways for the company to monetize, including the company’s relatively popular ad platform. For now the company continues to post breath-taking growth numbers making it harder to criticize the company for their lack of attention to monetization.