Facebook Dismissed As Defendant In ScamVille Case

Facebook has been dismissed as a defendant in the class action suit which resulted from the recent scamville controversy. Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, LLP, the firm who initially filed the suit, included Facebook in the case. After further investigation they realized that the company could not be held responsible for the scam advertising taking place on Facebook applications.

While we don’t have a login to view the updated charges, published by the Federal District Court of the Northern District of California, we’ve been tipped off from an individual closely connected to the plantiff in the case. If you happen to have a login for the federal district’s search engine, or know a lawyer that does, please send us a copy of the document, which can be found by searching here.

The law firm behind the suit has been investigating the issues further since first filing the class action in November. While other companies, including Zynga, are still named in the class action, Facebook has been fortunate enough to be removed as a target. We’ve been hearing a lot of information about the ongoing suit over the past few weeks.

The issues are extremely complex as there are many participants that were involved in the scam offers on Facebook. While scams are nothing new for the internet, hundreds of millions of dollars were being generated on Facebook applications alone by deceiving users. Fortunately for Facebook, they are no longer being held accountable for the scams that developers participated in.