Facebook Defriends Defriended

Facebook is no longer friends with Defriended, the iPhone app from i-Doodz that uses Facebook Connect to import users’ friend lists, then scans them for changes each time Facebook is loaded onto their iPhones, alerting users about new friends and lost friends.

ReadWriteWeb reported that the social-networking site began blocking Defriended, saying that the app violates its Developer Principles and Policies, which specifically state, “You must not notify a user that someone has removed the user as a friend.”

The i-Doodz Website offers the following explanation:

Last week, our developer was bored one evening, had an idea and, a few hours later, uploaded the “Defriended” iPhone app. It unexpectedly got a lot of attention, then subsequently, Facebook blocked the app, causing it to stop working. We will be looking at how feasible it is to make the app work without a corresponding Facebook app, but in the meantime, if you’ve bought the app, you should ask Apple for a refund—and please do…we don’t really want to get money for an app you paid for and that doesn’t work. We apologize for the inconvenience.