Facebook Credits Are Going To Be Everywhere… Including CoinStar Machines

Rixty is a great service where you drop change in a something resembling an Arcade cabinet, and the money goes towards virtual currency and virtual goods for online games.  Staying true to their commitment to simplifying the virtual currency process, they’ve announced that thousands of ‘CoinStar’ machines around the country will now accept spare change and convert it to Facebook Credits.  I take a look at how this is a cool new feature that young game players will use more often as time passes.

Rixty is one of my favorite monetization companies hovering around the social gaming space these days, and we interviewed their CEO, Ted Sorom, at this year’s Social Gaming Summit and were really impressed with his vision for the future of social game monetization.  The idea would be that young people, especially those who don’t have credit cards, can drop their change in these compatible machines, of which there are 20,000 around the country. 

I love the idea that Facebook Credits will be available for purchase at real-world locations.  I can imagine playing at an internet cafe and needing a new sword.  My response will be to drop my spare change into one of the CoinStar machines, log back into my game, and see that I have just enough Facebook Credits to buy it.  We’ll keep you posted on new movements on this unique new way of monetizing games.