Facebook Could Find You Free Internet.

Appscout.com, got to love that name, is reporting that WeFi is planning to launch a Facebook application in the near future. If you don’t know what WeFi does it is quite simple.

WeFi lets you inform your friends that you have found a free internet hot spot. The service allows you to download a tiny application that maps out any free hot spots you find.

WeFi has just launched a beta mobile version, makes sense, and will be launching their Facebook application in the near future. The application will inform all of your Facebook friends when you have found a free wifi spot.

I think this is a natural progression for WeFi and think that application, if done right, will have some real legs. This is a shinning example of how some creative thinking and good programing could find real utilitarian uses for your Facebook network.

When the WeFi Facebook app launches will you install it and tell all your friends where the juicy free wifi spots are?I probably will, sharing free networks with people could be my good deed for the day.

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