EDealya Boasts High Conversion Rates On Facebook

An Internet startup called eDealya claims it can help brands achieve clickthrough rates of 23 percent and seven percent conversion rates.

An Internet startup called eDealya is trying to help brands monetize their social media investments with personalized messages and deals delivered to individual fans.

Sarah Belfer, director of public relations at eDealya, told us in an email:

All fans following a brand receive the same information through posts, updates, etc. Our goal is to provide software that helps personalize the information so that fans receive information that is relevant to their interests and context. On Facebook, we deliver our messages through hidden wall posts and on Twitter, we deliver them directly to the follower’s inbox.

The software uses the applicable likes and statuses of a Facebook fan to create targeted messages.
For example, let’s say someone named Cindy is a Facebook fan of the fictional company Social Airlines. If she posts a status like, “Anybody have fun plans for spring break,” the company would send her a message saying, “Hey Cindy! Here’s a spring break idea for you: We have great rates on flights to Mexico.”
Direct messages like these have above-average clickthrough and conversion rates, 23 percent and seven percent, boasts eDealya’s website.
Right now eDealya is offering new customers a six-week free trial period. After that, the results of the trial are reviewed and customers are charged $1 per click on average with no set-up or maintenance fees.
The company, which recently expanded to the U.S. from Israel, currently has three brands as paying customers and many more in a free trial period, serving more than 1.4 million brand fans already according to the website.
When I first heard about this, I was put off by the sheer notion that a company would contact me and try to sell me something based on my Facebook status. But it makes sense if you’re a fan of that company’s Facebook page and their message is delivered to you in private.
Readers, are you sold on eDealya’s concept or do you think there is a privacy issue here?