Facebook considering acquisition of “Chinese Facebook” Zhanzuo

TechCrunch has the story tonight of Facebook’s $85 million offer for Zhanzuo.com, the largest college-focused social networking site in China, with over 7 million users. Zhanzuo’s CEO Jack Zhang and Mark Zuckerberg have been in discussions, but nothing official has been announced yet.

About Zhanzuo, according to its site:

Like the popular SNS website in the US, such as Facebook, Zhanzuo has captured the dynamic of active young Internet user through connecting them with its interactive communication platform. Meanwhile, unlike those US based SNS sites, Zhanzuo goes deeper into the Chinese youth’s life, before, during and after their time in school. With many unique interactive features and applications that fit into the tradition of college life in China, zhanzuo appears to the college-bonded Internet users as essential, fun and dynamic ways to get in touch with friends.

Zhanzuo’s Alexa graph looks a little confusing. Anyone know why?

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