Oh Yeah, Facebook Connect Has Been Live On Hulu For Months

Apparently Hulu launched their implementation of Facebook Connect early last month but few people actually noticed. The Connect implementation enables users to view what videos their friends are watching. One thing that doesn’t appear to be an integral part of the Connect support is the ability to publish stories about what videos you’ve watched to your feed. Hulu has been receiving a lot of traffic which will also help Facebook expand the reach of Connect.

If you didn’t notice that Hulu had implemented Connect, it’s not surprising. To sync your Facebook account with Hulu, you need to login to the site, visit your profile, click on “Friends”, and the click on the button which says “Find Friends”. As soon as you link the accounts together, you’ll instantly see a number of relationships that were created. Also of interest is that you can now view what videos your friends recently viewed.

I’ve played around with the service some and so far the functionality is relatively basic. Hulu hasn’t taken advantage of all the opportunities provided by Connect but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. A number of companies have been rolling out Facebook Connect lately, including the Washington Post, an implementation that we recently wrote about.

One improvement that would be interesting to see is the ability to post watched videos directly to the Facebook feed. For now you can simply connect with friends and then use Hulu’s internal feed which updates you about recent connections among your contacts and recently watched videos. Hulu was slated to be one of Facebook Connect’s initial launch partners and now the implementation is finally live.

If you are logged in to your Hulu account, go visit the find friends page in order to connect your account with Facebook.

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