New Facebook Connect Plugin For Drupal Now Available

The Drupal CMS (Content Management System) is a powerful choice for developing websites with online communities, amongst other features, so it’s an ideal target for a Facebook Connect option. Last year, AllFacebook reported on an FBConnect Drupal module developed by La Netscouade. A similar Drupal module, FConnect, is now available in Beta 4 by developer Vishal Sood.

Vishal points out that his module, FConnect, is definitely different than FBConnect:

Drupal does not allow two modules that do the same thing so this cannot be on Drupal. When I originally did this module the one on Drupal wasn’t doing the right things technically. In my mind atleast :). I haven’t looked at it recently but the module I have offers share button, a more advanced drupal block to show friends and so on.

As reported by Vishal, the Beta 4 release of his FConnect has several new features over the previous version:

  • Use of Facebook profile pic for user’s Drupal account, with configurable size.
  • Uses Drupal’s default registration process.
  • Linking of friend pictures to either Drupal or a user’s Facebook profile.

Vishal Sood’s FConnect module can be seen in action on his site, but his implementation seems a little unusual. The whole point of using Facebook Connect on a website is so that an end user does not have to create yet another profile and/or username/ password combo. Vishal’s implementation might simply be due to his own design choices, but after you click the “F Connect” button, you get asked to enter a username, your email, and some optional info about yourself. Then you get sent a password to the site (one-time activation). This, to me, defeats the purpose of Facebook Connect.

I’ve emailed Vishal about this implementation and I’ll update this post when he responds. If you want to use his FConnect for Drupal, you have to register (from any page on his site). You can also compare FConnect to the earlier FBConnect module, available from the site.

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