Facebook Connect Appears on MySpace Video Site

You can now access MySpace’s Fan Video site via Facebook Connect, the first integration that we’ve seen between Facebook and MySpace, although we’ve been hearing for months that it is on the way.

MySpace is trying to make itself a central site for entertainment and other content. The fact that it is using Facebook Connect that it believes it can get value out of pairing Facebook’s network with its content. This integration is pretty clever, although not in a core part of MySpace.

The Fan Video site allows you to sign in, browse a scrolling interface of videos (with The Cure’s hit song “Close to Me” fittingly playing in the background), then create a video. You can choose from a selection of celebrity musician’s videos, up to five, with each featuring some moment where your Facebook or MySpace profile appears (see the sample screeenshot).

You can also make one for a friend, include your profile photo, and choosing who to send it to from your Facebook or MySpace friend list.

We expect we’ll see more, and more significant integrations of Facebook Connect on MySpace over the course of this year.