3 Ways To Move More Products On Facebook

What works best in Facebook stores?

Facebook commerce provider Payvment has three suggestions on how to move more products on the social network, based on the experiences of clients that have been using the software successfully.

The vendor shared this advice with us in the same email in which Payvment announced the latest upgrade to the company’s wares.

A list of the new features in the upgrade will follow a set of suggestions from clients Chiasso, Biker Chic Jewelry and Do Life Now — they are among more than 60,000 Payvment installations.

1. Don’t put all your products up, unless you have the time to update the listings frequently. Prioritize your best sellers and any exclusives you offer. Selling on Facebook isn’t about replacing or porting inventory from your e-commerce site.

2. Offer exclusives. The viral nature of Facebook means you have the ability to give Facebook fans an exclusive discount for promoting and sharing their interest in your brand.

3. Talk about specific items for sale.
Interact with your fan base and create two-way conversations about your specific products. Don’t just talk about your brand, but discuss what you have for sale.

All three of the suggestions above become more do-able with the latest enhancements to Payvment software. They include:

  1. Advanced analytics that look at individual products and posts.
  2. Automated and product-specific social promotions.
  3. Centralized management of all customer conversations.
  4. Support for multiple storefronts and administrators.

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