Facebook Closes U.S. Gap With MySpace

Compete.com just released their November statistics and Facebook has closed the gap with the U.S. social network leader, MySpace. According to Compete.com Facebook grew 10 percent to just under 50 million visitors in the United States versus MySpace who reached approximately 56.5 million visitors. At this rate Facebook will overtake MySpace for the largest social network in the United States within the next month or two.

Facebook continues to have impressive growth domestically in addition to substantial international growth. Facebook’s own statistics provided by their advertising platform suggests that the company has approximately 45 million registered users which have profiles listed as being based in the United States. If those numbers are accurate, Facebook is attracting an additional 5 million users just through search engine traffic.

Whether or not those numbers are accurate Facebook clearly obtains a substantial amount of search engine traffic as Google reports that the company has approximately 200 million indexed pages. With Facebook’s latest changes to public profiles it’s likely that the number of indexed pages will increase in the coming months. Search engine traffic to the site should increase relatively proportionally to the increase in indexed pages.

While Facebook is the global social network leader, they have been battling fiercely with MySpace to take over the top spot domestically. Recent chatter in the social network industry community suggests MySpace is clearly aware of the Facebook threat and is doing as much as they can to fend off the company’s rapid growth.

Despite Facebook’s increase, MySpace was also able to pull off a 2.7 percent increase in traffic last month according to Compete.com. This could be a result of the launch of MySpace Music but it could also be due to basic monthly fluctuations in Compete’s analytics service. No matter what, the domestic gap between the two leading social networks is rapidly closing and Facebook is poised to take over the top position within months.