Facebook clarifies Mini Feed language

facebook mini feed hideEarlier today, Facebook pushed updated copy to the Mini Feed that clarifies what exactly happens when you hide your Mini Feed stories by clicking the “X” next to them.

Previously, the message read, “Hiding will remove the story from your mini-feed and prevent anyone from seeing it.” However, many users found this message misleading, because even though the story is hidden on the Mini Feed, it is still distributed to your friends via the News Feed. Hiding items from your Mini Feed is not like UPS Delivery Intercept – once your feed stories are published, there’s no way to stop them from showing up on your friends’ home pages.

As of today, the message reads, “Hiding will remove the story from your Mini-Feed.” This is a much clearer message that will cause less confusion among Facebook users. However, the right behavior when users hide their feed stories really should be “News Feed Intercept.”