Facebook Changes Default Icon for Users

Default Icon Screenshot

Remember that annoying question mark that would show up when somebody didn’t want to upload their picture? Well, worry no more because Facebook has now changed the default image for a user from a question mark to a more gentle silhouette. Now for those people that you may or may not know what they look like, you can at least know that they are in fact a human. Well, maybe not completely human because it appears that the new default icon does not have any ears.

So how will the person hear you? Fortunately you don’t have to worry about that because pictures cannot hear no matter what they look like. In my own opinion, I would imagine that the new default icon does not incentivize a person to switch their avatar too quickly. Previously, the bold question mark was so annoying that a user would immediately feel compelled to switch their image.

New Default Icon Screenshot 2Apparently it wasn’t too compelling though given the new shift. My guess is that after the designers completed their design of the new profile they got bored and decided to switch the default icon. Now millions of photoless users can now sleep soundly knowing that they too have at least a silhouette and not a question mark.