Facebook careers: strategic partnership development, agency relations, infrastructure, more

Facebook added 25 new positions to its careers page this week, including a number of openings on the infrastructure, human resources, marketing and sales teams.

The company seems to be trying to improve its relationships with major partners across a range of industries with several strategic partnership development positions added over the past few weeks. This week came new roles focused on  entertainment companies and public figures in Brazil and Asia, as well as musicians and athletes in the U.S.

New listings added to Facebook’s careers page:

  • Partner Engineer Games (Tokyo)
  • Payroll Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Payroll Specialist (Menlo Park)
  • Equity Programs Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Global Manager, People Growth (Menlo Park)
  • HR Business Partner, Seattle (Seattle)
  • Sourcer, Diversity (Menlo Park)
  • Creative Producer (Menlo Park)
  • Data Center Technician (Forest City)
  • Operational Program Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Technical Writer, Site Operations (Menlo Park)
  • System Validation Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • Partner Manager, Network and Hardware Services (Menlo Park)
  • Supply Chain Procurement Coordinator (Menlo Park)
  • Creative Strategist (Hamburg) (Hamburg)
  • Head of Mobile & Telco, Vertical Marketing (Menlo Park)
  • Strategic Partner Development – Entertainment/Music (Mexico City – Miami)
  • Strategic Partner Development – Music (Los Angeles)
  • Strategic Partner Development – Athletes (Los Angeles – Menlo Park)
  • Partner Development Manager (Tokyo)
  • Strategic Partner Manager Games (Tokyo)
  • User and Client Support Analyst, Latin America – Spanish Speaker (São Paulo)
  • Client Partner, Russian (Dublin)
  • Administrative Assistant – Sydney (Contract) (Sydney)
  • Agency Development Lead (New York)

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