Facebook Careers Posts: Dublin, Data Centers, Marketing, Singapore and Recruiting

This week Facebook added about 25 jobs to its Careers page, where company posts job openings and descriptions. The jobs posted had a wide range of specialties and geographies, including everything from an Associate, Ad Operations in Palo Alto, California to Head of Sales Marketing in Hamburg, Germany to Director, Online Sales and Operations, Asia Pacific in Singapore.

The Data Center Contracts Manager and Site Selection position that was added will be crucial to helping Facebook open more of its own data centers in the future. The description notes the candidate will help execute the “long term data center strategy,’ support site selection, participate in contract negotiations, work in planning, oversee existing data center performance” along with other responsibilities.

A Head of Sales Marketing in Hamburg is being sought to work on marketing communications for all of Facebook’s advertising products across the company’s agency and advertising base. Facebook wants someone with lots of experience to fill its Palo Alto-based Manager, Packaging and Programming position. The person to fill this job should have 12-plus years of marketing experience with at least 5 in digital media to help develop the company’s delivery of marketing to brands and consumers.

The Singapore-based Director, Online Sales & Operations, Asia Pacific is set to help Facebook “lead our emerging markets strategy in Asia Pacific. This person will be responsible for developing a go to market plan and hiring teams of great people to support Facebook’s advertisers.”

The Sales office seems to be expanding rapidly in 2011 from the looks of the dozen jobs posted in that department this week. There’s a Director of Business Development job based in Palo Alto, several Ad Operations positions in Palo Alto and Austin, Account Manager jobs in Palo Alto, Milan and Hamburg, an Agency Team Lead and Online Sales Operations in Palo Alto also. A Manager of Agency Sales job opened up in Australia to help the company, “managing media agency sales relationships, agency trading and revenue growth” in that country.

There were some new posts in Software Engineering — Data Scientist #1012001, Software Engineer # 1101001 and Software Engineer, Partnerships — as well as a couple accounting jobs.

At least six positions at the Dublin office were removed from the page. Everything from a Training and Development Manager, Online Sales and Operations to a Credit and Collections Analyst – Contract to marketing and analyst positions appear to have been filled at this European office, which we noted last month is set to expand over the next year.

Other jobs removed this week include recruiting, data center, legal, marketing and sales positions. The Recruiting Coordinator for the Facebook Internship Program and a Recruiting Coordinator – Contractor in Hyderabad, India disappeared as well. Two Virginia-based data center positions were filled, Data Center Technician and Data Center Tech (Data Eradication). A Business Operations Manager position and Credit and Collections Manager and about 10 other marketing, sales and operations positions were gone from the Page too.

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